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Second Mortgages

Did you know that income and credit are not requirements of a Morgix second mortgage?

Debt consolidation is a loan designed to combine your high interest debt, credit cards, and other loans into one singular loan, under a better interest rate and a more manageable term.
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Similarly to bankruptcy, a consumer proposal is a way to get protection from debt collectors by arranging a sort of financial compromise. Whether you have already filed or considering filing for a proposal, call us today so we can break down all your options. Together we can help you protect your assets and get out of debt. Credit can take some time to rebuild, so using equity to pay the creditors out today is a good way to minimize the damage.
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Morgix specializes in rescue financing for time sensitive situations, we will do whatever it takes to you keep you and your family in your home.
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A Second Mortgage is a great way to access the equity in your home regardless of your credit or income. This product is a hassle free way to borrow a large sum of money without affecting your existing mortgage.

Access Cash

Debt consolidation
Education and personal development
Home improvements or renovations
Spousal buyouts
Emergency expenses

Whatever it is you need Morgix is ready to provide it to you!

Home Equity Line of Credit

A Home Equity Line of Credit is a way to use the equity (paid down portion of your mortgage, or more accurately, the portion you own) of your home in order to borrow money to use for financing items you would on a credit card, without the high interest rate. If you have good credit and verifiable income, a HELOC is convenient for a large credit line.

Access Your Equity

Home improvements or renovations
Start or grow your business
Education and personal development
Emergency expenses


Mortgage refinancing is a common practice where you can take advantage of lower rates and renegotiate the terms of your existing mortgage.

With the mortgage market, change is a constant. We strive to have our finger on the pulse of the market at all times and work tirelessly day after day to analyze market trends, and ensure our clients can maximize their position in the market.


Lower interest rate = Lower payments
Pay down mortgage faster
Get a better long term deal
Plan for an earlier retirement
Debt consolidation

For tailor made financial solutions
call or apply today!

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Self Employed Mortgages

Whether you are buying a new home or looking for money to grow your business, we cut the time and take the hassle out of getting for mortgages for self employed professionals. Low income, no income, no problem. Morgix has the solution or you.


Get access to alternative lenders and products the bank can’t offer
Borrow against the equity in your home, with minimal conditions
Access cash as a seasonal or contract worker in the off season
Gain expansion capital as a business owner or entrepreneur

Bad Credit Mortgages

Did you know that income and credit are not requirements of a Morgix mortgage?

Life happens. Morgix has access to lenders that don’t judge you based on your credit or income. If you’ve been thrown a curveball and are looking for a way out, we can help. Whether for a purchase, refinance or 2nd mortgage for debt consolidation we have a lender that wants your business.

Ask us about our affiliate services that can help you reduce your debts.


Poor credit history: No income/credit requirements
Get a fresh start
A chance to reduce debts and rebuild credit
Make your dream home your new reality
Over the phone pre-approvals

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